About the CAHM Flag

Between 1958 and 1962  there was the West Indies Federation. The Flag of the West Indies Federation was a blue field featuring four undulating white lines with a golden circle on top. The design by Edna Manley (Wife of the Rt. Excellent  Norman Manley the first premiere of Jamaica)  was to represent the sun shining on the Caribbean Sea.  Today, we reinterpreted the design. The blue field represents the Caribbean Sea which all Caribbean islands share.  The undulating white lines represent the waves of immigration from former colonial Europe – Dutch. French, English, Spanish that still resonate in the cultures we find in the region today.  The lines further represents the waves of entanglement and immigration from the Caribbean to the USA from past to the future – (pre-American revolution, post American revolution, post-slavery, 20th century, 21st Century)  through the present where sits our Caribbean American Heritage Month Crest on the golden sun, which represents the hope that centers us.