About Us

Our Vision

The vision of National Caribbean American Heritage Month (NCAHM) Program is to promote the recognition of the contributions of Caribbean immigrants to the United States of America from founding father Alexander Hamilton to US Secretary of State General Colin Powell and Hon. Shirley Chisholm, the first Black woman to run as candidate for the President of the United States of America.

Through the establishment of a network of Caribbean American Heritage Councils/Organizations around the country, Americans of all backgrounds and nationalities will join in the commemoration of June as National Caribbean American Heritage Month.

Our Mission 

ICS is dedicated to building bridges between
Caribbean Americans and the US population at large and advocating for the wellbeing of the Caribbean American community.
The mission of the NCAHM Program is to create and disseminate knowledge about the contributions of Caribbean immigrants to America, and to be a crucible for a dialogue between Caribbean peoples and the American public.
Additionally, the NCAHM program is to ensure that Americans at large are advised of the many and great contributions of immigrants of Caribbean Heritage to the nation.
The overall mission of ICS is to serve as a catalyst to build an inclusive, prosperous, sustainable Caribbean society, and to provide our partners and stakeholders with solutions to the challenges they face, that will enable their survival, growth, and prosperity in the ever changing global marketplace, by providing world class analysis and action that supports their missions.